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money saving tips

tipBring your own lunch instead of eating out all the time. It costs less and tastes better!

tipDo you really need 500 channels when you only watch 10? Consider dropping channels and movie/sports packages you don’t use.

tipClip coupons from the Sunday paper or online. Taking a few minutes to clip the Sunday coupons and getting coupons online can save you money on your weekly grocery bill. If you have $10 in coupons a week, that adds $40 to your monthly budget!

tipInvest in a programmable thermostat. It will help you manage the comfort of your home environment and ensure you are not wasting money.

tipGo to the matinee movies instead of paying full price in the evening or get a Netflix subscription/use Red Box instead.

tipStop using credit cards and pay cash!  On average, you spend 12%-18% more using a credit card.

tipUse EZ Pass on Toll Roads. EZ Pass tolls costs less and saves time waiting in lines too!

tipAt the Grocery Store, be aware that the largest package is not always the best deal. Look for the price per ounce and compare. If the price per ounce is not listed - simply divide the price by the number of ounces and then compare to see which size is cheaper.

tipEach of us carries various types of insurance. For many, the cost of insurance is as great as utilities or groceries. Consider reducing the amount of coverage you have or raising the deductible. If you have car, home, and other insurance policies with the same agent, there often are discounts available. Be sure to ask your insurance representative about them.

tipHave a garage sale or sell items on Craigslist.

tipUse exercise videos or go outside for walking/biking/hiking instead of paying for a gym membership.

tipGet on the budget plan with your utilities to have level utility payments each month.

tipDon't pay ATM fees to access your own money!  Use your banks ATM or your banks network.  If you use another banks ATM, there are fees up to $3.50 from that bank in addition to any fees your bank charges you!  If your bank charges you $2.50 and the other bank charges you $3.50, that's $6.00 in unnecessary fees!  On a $100 withdrawal, that's 6% to access your own money!  Only use your banks ATM machines or machines in your network.