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I have been working with Carl for more than 3 months now and can absolutely say it has been the single best financial decision and investment I have ever made!  Not just from improving my financial position, but as important from a lifestyle perspective.  Wanting to gain control of my finances and establishing a plan to pay off my debt has been weighing on me for very long time, Carl has been so extremely helpful in educating me on setting goals, assessing my situation, building a plan, and sticking to it.  His expertise and personal experience gave him major credibility in my eyes and he has an ability to communicate in a way that is perfectly easy to understand and apply to my own real-world.  My work with Carl has changed my life nearly every way.  I have been able to eliminate the constant stress that used to hang over me and the fear of the unknown event or expense that lurked around every corner.  Now with Carls help, my money is working for me and I live with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence that I am controlling my future not at the mercy of every paycheck. 
-- Christopher M., Leesburg
My husband and I very much enjoyed working with Carl.  Both of us are in the financial industry and we thought we had a good handle on our finances and did keep a budget, sort of.  Carl worked with us and gave us the tools to create a more specific and effective budget and spreadsheet to track our expenses.  In just a few months we changed from scrambling when a larger than expected bill arrived or an annual bill we forgot about to planning ahead and allotting funds for everything.  It's great to know the money is there when its going to be needed and to be able to spend without guilt!  I also really enjoyed having something that was done "together" instead of the budget inciting an argument between my husband and I.  Carl not only helped us with the tangible tools to get ourselves together, but the intangible - which is invaluable.  Thank you so much Carl!
-- Tori & Dave T., Annandale
I wanted to say how grateful I am that I met and worked with you this year.  As I reflected upon 2016, around this time last year, I remember when I was a state of panic, depression, anxiety, all negative emotions!  It was so hard to hide everything with a smile.  I knew that my financial situation was not only depleting my monetary account, but also my spirit. 
I finally took control, and gave you a call.  I decided to take control of my finances and refused to continue to be indebted to these financial institutions.  I walked into your office, and knew I made the right decision. You helped set a plan, goals, and benchmarks while celebrating small successes along the way.  You not only lifted my financial burden, but you raised my spirits back to my normal happy state. 
I have made tremendous headway on my debt, have cleared a large chunk of it, found additional money to make aggressive payments, and I am still sticking to the plan!  I wanted you to be well aware of my progress.  I wanted to let you know that you were on my mind and will forever be in my heart because you helped me so much.  I wanted you to know that I will be forever thankful that we encountered each other.  I thank God everyday for allowing the right people to enter my life at the right time, and I couldn't be more appreciative of how you changed my direction, mentality, and attitude about finances.
Again, thank you for all your help.  I hope you continue to help others the way that you've helped me.
-- Danielle, Alexadria

Completing a monthly budget and planning ahead has totally revamped how we think of and handle our money. Both of us are now involved in the budgeting decisions, provide equal input, and understand what’s going on with our finances. Before coaching, Nicki experienced anxiety with our finances and that is now gone! Her seeing the budget and having our plan written out has been extremely helpful. Because of coaching, we have improved our communication with each other regarding money. All of the goals we set out to achieve through coaching have been met! We now have a plan with our finances! Thank you, Carl!

-- Ben and Nicki B., Alexandria 


Thanks again for spending the time with us yesterday to start our budget with a clean slate and a forward looking attitude! In less than 24 hours, we already feel tension has been alleviated! One thing I’ve already noticed is the lack of guilt. I need to order my son a birthday cake today and normally would feel guilty about spending anything, but now know it’s OK because we have budgeted for it and I know how much I have to spend. Cheers for the small victories!                                                                                

-- Alex and Adrian M., Arlington


You helped us accomplish all of our goals and more! We are doing much better in terms of eliminating debt, paying cash, being more mindful with discretionary spending, and most important of all, we’re communicating better!

-- Greg and Amy S., Leesburg


When I first started coaching, I had lost hope of getting in control of my finances and getting out of debt. I needed a path and you provided it. In less than 30 days, I’m excited about my financial future and have hope again. I’m on a path to be debt free in less than 28 months! I feel empowered with my finances now! Thank you!!

-- Kristy S., Alexandria